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14 February
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48 yers old married 21 years have two boys 21 and 16 just adopted 2 new dogs from a rescue great pyrenees/ anatol sheperd mix and one is deaf so she is a bit of a challenge, was involved with the Boy Scouts for 15 years but have back out and have become involved with the JROTC at my sons High School. love to read but have shyed away from writing. used to do it when i was younger would wake up and write my dreams and fanatsies down but got embarrassed when my friends found out so i stopped doing it... work too many hours but i enjoy it, i don't know what my title is anymore used to be purchasing/sales agent but they changed it but i still do the same thing my customers are all over North America and Mexico. I am freindly to a fault and take better care of my family and firends then i do of myself. but I can go 0 to Bitch in less than 6 seconds if you wrong me or a friend. I have Irish and Russian in my blood and those are two of the worst tempers to have but i can control it and it takes a lot to push me over to the nasty me.